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5 Items to Reduce from Your Closet – Senior Spring Cleaning Tips

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Hello gorgeous ladies! Spring has officially sprung, so it’s time for you ‘spring’ into action and get started on everyone’s favorite pasttime this time of year – SPRING CLEANING (sarcasm intended).  If you’re like us, getting started is always the hardest part. We’ve found that the best place to kickstart your spring cleaning efforts is in the closet.. it even has some health benefits!

So when thinking about where to get started, we started a conversation with Cindy Wooleyhan, of Delaware Beaches Pro Organizers. She had some great advice for how to reduce and pare down clothing items ladies typically have WAY too much of! According to Cindy, “the goal is to fill three trash bags to donate. Keep only the clothes that make you feel FANTASTIC!  Keep a few COZY, COMFY pieces too of course.” 

Here are the 5 pieces of clothing to consider reducing your supply of, and some advice on which items to say goodbye to:

  1. Sweaters – Get rid of the ones that are too tight, stretched out, drag you down, or have too much pesky pilling to waste your time on. Keep the  timeless,  black turtleneck,  and the luxurious cashmeres.
  2. Pants and Jeans – If you have to constantly pull them up, can’t eat a proper meal without having to open a button, or if they are too short or drag the floor, send them on their way. Grab a friend and go shop for a pair that make you feel like a million bucks.
  3. T-Shirts – Dull, faded, or have no shape, good-bye. You should always have a nice white one as a staple to wear under button down shirts or blazers.
  4. Dresses and Skirts – If you have not worn them in two years, donate them and treat yourself to something new for your next event.
  5. Shoes – Keep only the ones that you could walk a mile in if you had to. Shoes that are not in good condition, donate or toss. Yes, I know, you have to keep one old pair for yard work.

Now that you’ve decided on items to part with, what do you do with it all? If your items are in good condition, don’t throw them away! Consider donating to a local shelter or church’s clothing drive. There are also organizations that will pick up at your door, such as Purple Heart. 

Congratulations! Your SPRING decluttering has begun and you are off to a great start. Pat yourself on the back, grab a glass of ice tea, and prop your feet up. GOOD WORK!

If you’d like some help with decluttering, organizing, downsizing, and more, call Delaware Beaches Pro Organizers at 302-245-7870 or visit their facebook page for more information!

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Vantage Point Retirement Living is a family-owned and -operated organization. In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local, and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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