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5 Winter Safety Tips for Aging Adults

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Winter is a time where many hazards become present. From slippery and wet floors and hazards inside the home to shoveling, driving and staying safe outdoors, it’s easy for bad weather to affect the lives of aging adults. No matter if they prefer to stay indoors or love to go out during winter, learning some safety tips can truly help them to have a stress-free and safe season.

“Because winter presents so many challenges, we encourage aging adults and their loved ones to prepare and plan ahead of bad weather striking,” says Gregory M. Stevens, President of Vantage Point Retirement Living Inc., headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania. “It’s easy for bad weather to sneak up on us, making it essential to be ready, further preventing illnesses, accidents and harm. While so many people tend to hate winter, the good news is that if we prepare, we can brave the storms and make the season safer, easier and more enjoyable.”

How to Be Safer This Winter

Because bad weather is likely just around the corner, it’s important for aging adults to learn effective ways to remain safe from all of the woes that winter can bring with it. Consider some of the following tips from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  1. Make your home safer – Ensure your home is up to everything that winter is likely to throw at it. According to the CDC, you should ensure weather stripping, insulation and storm windows are installed. They also state that water lines running along exterior walls should be insulated and any gutters and roof leaks should be fixed.
  2. Ensure heating is up to par – The last thing that aging adults want to do is have a heating malfunction or have a related emergency. Be sure to check your heating system and have it serviced to ensure it is working properly and ventilated. Don’t forget to install fire and carbon monoxide detectors. If possible, the CDC states you should have a backup heating source and alternate fuels at your disposal.
  3. Prepare and pack your car – If you like to travel or need to leave quickly in an emergency, it will help to have the car ready to go. Pack a cell-phone charger, batteries, blankets, food and water, a tire pump, flashlights, first aid kit, plastic bags, flares and cat little (for traction in case you get stuck.) Also remember to keep your gas tank full and ensure your tires are safe.
  4. Plan for emergencies – Stock up on food, batteries, extra medicines and first aid items. It’s ideal to have a battery operated radio and lights. Try to keep your cell phone charged at all times and be aware of any inclement weather coming your way. To ensure you are safe and don’t slip or suffer a fall because of icy conditions, be sure to have a snow shovel, ice melt and even sand stocked up.
  5. Take extra care outdoors – If you must go outside, be sure to bundle up in layers and wear sturdy, safe shoes. Hats, mittens and scarves can help to prevent frostbite and keep aging adults warmer. According to the CDC, you should work slowly when doing outside chores and sprinkle cat litter or sand on any icy areas that you could slip and fall on.

It’s important to look out for the safety of others when the weather gets bad. Check in on friends and family as much as possible. If you need to travel, be sure someone knows where you are going and when you should expect to be there. This can help keep everyone safe and healthy this winter.

Here to Keep You Safe This Winter

Below are some local resources to ensure your safety and to help you better prepare for when bad weather strikes. Knowing how to get in touch with emergency personnel and how to manage better during the winter can be lifesaving.

Limerick, PA:—Cold

Rehoboth Beach, DE:

Salisbury, MD:

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Written by Vantage Point Retirement

Vantage Point Retirement Living is a family-owned and -operated organization. In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local, and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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