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Caring for one another and being invested in our communities is in our DNA as a company. In the current time we find ourselves in, that’s truer than ever. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to continue to provide support in our back yards.

Last week, we made donations to Meals on Wheels chapters in the areas where our communities are located. And this week, we’re continuing our commitment to support our greater communities by providing much needed supplies to our future residents and front line warriors.

This week, we donated over 1200 anti-viral kits to those in our neighborhoods who are working hard putting themselves at risk on a daily basis so we can stay safe and healthy.  We delivered these kits to the Delaware State Police, Middletown Police Department, Pottstown Meals on Wheels, Lewes Village Volunteers, and Beebe Healthcare. These kits will be used by the first responders themselves, but also given to community residents who find themselves in need of supplies themselves.

Each kit was prepared and disinfected prior to distribution, and includes items to help protect first responders and volunteers while they’re working hard to keep our communities safe. The kits include:

  • Broad-spectrum viricidal spray for surface disinfection
  • Viricidal hand sanitizer
  • Betadine
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Emergen-C immunity boosting supplements

It is our mission to continue to support the greater community in this time, and hope others who serve the senior population will be inspired to do the same. If this crisis teaches us anything, we hope it teaches us all to remember that we are all one community and one family.

We continue to be inspired by stories both big and small – of the acts of heroism from healthcare workers to the small acts of kindness people are showing to their neighbors. If we can play just a small part in making a difference, we are honored to do so.  If you or someone you know is in need of resources during this time, please email [email protected] so we can help you find the assistance you need!

Written by Vantage Point Retirement

Vantage Point Retirement Living is a family-owned and -operated organization. In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local, and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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