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You’re Among FRIENDS When You Become a Member at One of Our Communities!

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There are countless advantages of becoming a member of our communities prior to opening. In fact, you can read more about some of those perks here 

Our interpersonal relationships are important no matter how old we are, but did you know that it becomes even more important to maintain friendships and relationships as we age? Studies have shown that seniors with larger social circles experience better mental and physical health, from decreased risk of cardiovascular disease to improved cognitive function and lower reported rates of depression.  

In addition to many incredible financial perks available to those who take the leap and sign on to a community early on, one of the biggest advantages you’ll get from becoming a member is building friendships and relationships with your future neighbors before you even pack your first box! 

We’ve come up with the acronym “FRIENDS” to highlight some of the relational benefits you’ll get from becoming a member at one of our top-notch communities! 

F: Finding your Friends Before Opening 

When you become a waitlist depositor or member, you’ll have access to exclusive events where you’ll have the chance to meet new friends and begin building strong relationships. We have countless stories of members who met at an event and become fast friends, while many of our members have made the choice to move in to a community with their existing friends on board and will enjoy living just down the hall while strengthening their existing bond. 

RReaching Out to People who Enjoy Similar Things as You 

Did you know you have the chance to shape the culture of your future community? When you join our waitlist and membership programs and begin to make friends, you’ll see just how much you have in common with your future neighbors! As you meet people, you’ll find you have similar interests with entire groups of people, and before you know it, your favorite card game or workout class may just find its way onto the community activity calendar.  

I: Independence and Decreased Reliance on Family 

At Vantage Point, we’re all about helping you stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. Part of how we honor that commitment is by keeping you happy, healthy, and as busy as you want to be in our communities. Creating and maintaining meaningful friendships and relationships is easy in a community filled with like-minded people with a full social calendar. We offer group trips and transportation to all of our residents, and you’re able to quickly and easily schedule private transportation to the grocery store, your favorite hairstylist, you name it!  

E: The Excitement that Comes with being a Part of Something Special 

Our members are our heroes! They’re trailblazing courageous, and are joining us on the adventure of a lifetime. When you move into a brand-new communityyou’re part of a special group of people who will experience community life like no other. You’ll set the tone for all of our future residents.  

NNew In Town Together  

When you become a member and move into a brand-new community, you’ll never have to fear being “new in town” and not feeling included! In addition to the budding relationships you’ll have developed during your time as a pre-opening member, you’re moving into a place where everyone is new. You have the chance to set the tone for your new home from the kinds of food you’d like to see on the menus to helping to establish clubs, happy hours, and social events.  

DDeveloping Rich Relationships and Meaningful Friendships 

As we mentioned previously, meaningful relationships are incredibly important for your mental and physical health. The majority of adults have long settled into their designated friend groups, which tend to be small, but close-knit. When you embark on an adventure like the one you’ll have moving into a new community as a member, you’ll get the unique opportunity to expand your relational circles to include many new and like-minded individuals and develop those rich relationships and form meaningful friendships. 

S: Safety and Peace of Mind 

We’re proud to offer the highest level of senior living sanitation in our communities as we all navigate the current COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve put strenuous health and safety measures in place at all of our communities, from construction sites to up-and-running buildings, while maintaining as much “normalcy” as possible. With your new friends and neighbors, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle you signed on for with safe and socially distant activities and classes, while keeping your mental and physical health our number one priority.   

Written by Vantage Point Retirement

Vantage Point Retirement Living is a family-owned and -operated organization. In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local, and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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