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Spring Cleaning: Upsize Your Lifestyle by Downsizing This Season

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Spring is on approach, and many happy homeowners (yourself included) may be getting the itch to do some spring cleaning. Once winter fades, we’re able to take stock in our homes – and our lives – to see what improvements we can make during the upcoming year. Seniors who are getting close to retirement (or who are already enjoying their golden years), may be considering making a big change this year. Instead of continuing to make costly home improvements or spending weeks cleaning out your closets yet again, is this the year you choose to downsize your home … and upsize your lifestyle? 

“For seniors these days, it’s all about right-sizing your living situation,” says Gregory M. Stevens, President of Vantage Point Retirement Living, Inc. “The Boomers came to age at a time when a big home was the pinnacle of success, and more was always better. But now that it’s time to retire and live the good life, what they want out of their home is different than when they were young. Many residents who choose a Vantage Point community do so because they want a space that’s sized for their current needs and the convenience of no longer having to do yard work and other chores. They’d rather spend their time doing enjoyable activities and having adventures than taking care of a big house where half the rooms don’t get used.”

Instead of considering these types of moves as downsizing, Vantage Point positions this as ‘upsizing your life.’ “At Vantage Point, we are committed to helping seniors lead a vibrant, active retirement lifestyle filled with exceptional amenities, services, and endless possibilities. Whatever your interests or needs are, you’ll discover everything you need for exceptional living at a Vantage Point Retirement Living community, whether you desire active adult living or independent living, assisted living or memory care.”

If you or a senior loved one are considering downsizing your space and upsizing your lifestyle, here are a few questions to ask for helping “spring clean” your mindset:

Does your current space spark joy?

To borrow a phrase from Marie Kondo, does your current home spark joy? Do you take advantage of every space in your home and have a purpose for it, or are there spaces like a formal dining room, living room or guest room that hardly ever get used? Does your home complement your lifestyle or are you sometimes overwhelmed by everything that has to be done to keep your space in order? In other words, are you running your home … or is your home running you? 

To determine these answers, keep track of how you use your home over a certain length of time, like several weeks to a month. The results may surprise you – in fact, you may find that you’re already acting as if you live in a smaller space. If it turns out that you really only use three rooms out of a seven-room house, it may be more efficient for you to consider moving to a smaller home that better fits your actual living style. 

How has your life changed, or how do you expect it to change? 

You probably purchased your current home due to some sort of big life change, such as getting married or having kids. Now that you’re going through (or have gone through) a big life change like retirement, it’s a chance for you to again reevaluate how much space you need and what makes sense for your family. What makes sense for you now – a smaller place that’s nearer to your grandkids? A maintenance-free condo so you have more freedom to travel? 

You’ll also want to take a look down the road and think about what will happen if or when your health needs change. Would you feel more comfortable moving to a one-story home so that you won’t have to navigate stairs as you age? Do any sort of health issues run in your family that would require you to be near certain types of medical care? It’s a good idea to think about these things and make changes to your living situation in advance to ensure a safe and enjoyable future. 

What works best for your budget? 

A bigger home just costs more. From property taxes to insurance to utilities, shrinking your living space can also shrink your expenses – even if you have a paid-off home. Many seniors assume that it’s cheaper to stay where they are, but moving to a smaller space can actually be a great financial move. For example, you may be able to purchase a smaller home outright and still have a nice chunk of money left over for retirement savings. It’s important to remember that, in order to live safely wherever you are, you may need to make renovations to your living space if it’s not equipped for older adults. While you could pay for renovations to your current home, it might make more financial sense to move to a smaller place that’s already been adapted for your now and future needs, giving you peace of mind for the future.

What do you want out of this phase of life? 

Perhaps most importantly, downsizing can significantly improve your quality of life. Without as much stuff, you may have the freedom, time and money to chase your dreams and go on those adventures you’ve been dreaming about for years. Now that you’re retired, your time is yours – so why not give yourself the opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need and instead focus on what you want? 

“As your life changes, there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t change to fit your needs,” says Gregory. “Even if you’re living in what was once your dream home, it’s okay to change what that dream means to you. Remember, a house is just four walls and a roof – home is where your heart is. So as you’re determining what lifestyle will work best for your retirement needs, don’t focus so much on how much space you have. Instead, think about how your space can better support the lifestyle you want and deserve.”

At Vantage Point, we’re proud to offer communities that care for Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care residents. We’d love to meet you and see how our lifestyles fit your needs. For more information on these communities, email [email protected] or call 610.321.1977.

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Whatever your interests and needs may be, exceptional living is just the beginning at a Vantage Point Retirement Living community. Whether it be Active Adult Living, Independent Living, Assisted Living or The Compass Memory Care™, living at a Vantage Point Retirement community empowers you to take control of your life while embracing your future with confidence and peace of mind.

We currently own three gorgeous communities in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, with four more under development and set to open in 2020.

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In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home – for themselves or a loved one. Our core values of trust, teamwork, family, friendship, individuality, dignity, respect and compassion enable us to create best-in-class communities designed to enhance the health, well-being and overall quality of life for seniors and their families.

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Written by Vantage Point Retirement

Vantage Point Retirement Living is a family-owned and -operated organization. In an industry increasingly dominated by large, national corporations, Vantage Point provides a trustworthy, local, and family-oriented alternative for people seeking a community they can proudly call home, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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